I am a single father.

I am an attorney.

I am an alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in a very long time.

I created this blog sixty days into a three year, court imposed, hiatus from alcohol. I wrote an about page and drafts of nine blog post. Only the about page got published, and I’m altering that now

I last drank alcohol on January 26, 2014. As this was an externally imposed hiatus, I knew it would be my last day drinking for a while. I drank all day long. I remember three things from that day. I remember cleaning my bathroom with so much bleach I felt light headed. (The idea of too much bleach never occurs to a person who shares a bathroom with two 7 yr old boys.) I remember a twitter conversation about the appropriateness of sorority members dancing on elevated surfaces. I remember being blown away by a performance at the GRAMMYs by a group I had never heard of before. (Imagine Dragons w/ Kendrick Lamar)

This about post was edited on July 27, 2015. I have not consumed alcohol in exactly 18 months. I have learned a lot about myself in that time. Abstaining from alcohol was not as difficult as I imagined, which is not to say that it was easy. The effect was huge. One of the things that I do regret is not documenting the experience here. I hope do a better job going forward.

Some of you are sticklers for math. You’re thinking, 1138 days is more than 3 years even if you include the 1/4 days accounted for in leap years. You are correct. This will be explained in due time.


One comment

  1. Now we all need to know why the Supreme Court wants you to be sober for three years! Either way good for you – you’ll save a bunch of money, probably lose 3 pounds (not that you need to) and will have more energy than you know what to do with : ) I’m looking foward to reading your first post. Get on it!

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